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Afterschool Programs 


WinterClub offers one of the few indoor recreational opportunities for young people in Florida. It is a place where local kids can learn new physical and mental skills, get fit, and socialize safely in a controlled environment. The four-week course includes a 1 hour lesson, which will begin 4PM. Helmets are included.


Both skiing and snowboarding will be taught for 4th & 5th graders, Middle School, and High School. Only skiing will be taught for 1-3 graders.  Siblings can participate if they are 1st grades and up for the four-week program as well.

Please remember snowboarding in the afterschool program is limited to age 8 and above.  Also, once a discipline is picked for either the first or second program, it must be followed until the end of that session.


To save steps you can download the waiver form below.



  Fill out our  Waiver Here

once a week/4 weeks program

Program includes 60 (3&3X10) min of skiing or snowboarding + 30 min safety lessons + 30 min of social + snacks 

 Parent and Sibling Packages are available!

Come one, come all…parents, brothers, sisters, we have a program for you, too! Don’t sit, get on the slops and enjoy…join us and learn in a group lesson on the same day as your child or sibling is in class. Sibling can participate if they are 1st grades and up. Remember snowboarding in the afterschool program is limited to age 8 and above.


DRESS casual: All skiers and snowboarders should wear long sleve top and long pants. No jeans please. 


Typical day program includes:

School pickup by request:  For an extra cost, you may signup for WinterClub transportation from school to the ski facility.

  • Ski/Snowboard  (10 minutes rest and recovery x 3)

  • Movie, winter sports video, homework & snacks time

  • Pickup


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