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School Ski and Snowboard Field Trip

It's easy and affordable to take a school field trip to WinterClub's ski slopes close to your home!  Under our Cold is Cool banner, WinterClub offers a program called School Ski Days, where we provide  equipment and lessons as inexpensively as possible.  The objective is to introduce children to skiing and snowboarding, teach and get them interested in winter sport while enjoying our fun


Minimum of 6 students are required. 


Group Ski Sessions
Group Session: $59/student (Ages 6+)  3 Participants
  • This is a programs for all ages, abilities and skill levels. Ages 6+.   Please Note: Children 6 and under require private lessons.

  • 60 Minutes Session:   Over the course of a 60 minute session, each participant will typically spend 30 minutes on the ski slope with the Trainer. Due to the intensity of the lesson, we use the proven “10 & 10 x 3” method – 10 minutes spent on the indoor ski slope followed by 10 minutes rest and recovery x 3 .

  • Includes: instructor,  boots, helmet, poles, skies & snowboards.  You may bring your own boots and helmets if you wish.

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