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Ski and Snowboard Scouts Merit Badge

Introducing Florida kids to Snowsports!

WinterClub Scouts Program


FOR Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, Cub Scouts, Brownies, Daisies & Venture Crew Scouts Offered during any non-holiday period.                                      Click here for Field trip Activities

Scout rate for troops size of 6 scouts and plus:

Includes: Equipment, Lesson, Helmet.

Snowsports Merit Badge Program – Boy Scouts

WinterClub provides all the components for Scouts to pass the Snow Sport Merit Badge. The program includes group lessons, safety talk from Patrol, and equipment orientation from Rental Room staff. Scouts will be given a check list card to complete with all the requirements. Upon completion, a Snowsports Merit Badge counselor will sign off on all requirements.

Program available any non-holiday period. Advance reservations required. No additional cost to scout rate. Available for groups or individuals. Scouts who are intermediate skiers/riders can reasonably expect to complete all the components for the merit badge in 3 sessions. First time skiers or snowboarders will need to demonstrate required skills for completion.

On Snow Instruction:
WinterClub instructors will teach Scouts all the skills that they will need to complete the Snowsports Merit Badge requirements. Lessons are 1 hour long and in a group setting.

Safety Requirement:
WinterClubSki Patrol will discuss ski safety, the responsibility code, and first aid so that Scouts can safely enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports. Scouts will also discuss equipment and maintenance with an WinterClub ski technician.

Requirements for Scouts:
· Scout must know the requirements before arriving.
· Scout must bring SNOW SPORTS Merit Badge WORK SHEETS, filled out for either skiing or boarding.
· For worksheets go to:

Contact Group Sales for Reservations/Information – 407.618.1123 or


Scout Program FAQs :

Q: What is the minimum group size to get the scout rate?
A: There is a group size restriction. The scout rate per scout,  is available for troop groups of 6 scouts or more.

Q: What is included in the scout rate?
A: Equipment rental, lesson, and a helmet rental are included in the scout rate.

Q: I am not a Boy Scout, but a Girl Scout, Cub Scout, Adventurer, etc… Am I still eligible to receive discount?
A: Yes! Scout Rate applies to all organizations under the scout umbrella.

Q: What do I need to do to get a Snowsports Merit Badge?
A:  WinterClub offers a Snowsports Merit Badge program. To complete the program in 3 sessions, the scout must be an intermediate level skier/rider. Make sure that the scout has completed the Snowsports Merit Badge worksheet and knows all requirements. The scout will need to have a ski/snowboard instructor sign off on the skiing/riding skills, a ski patroller to sign off on the safety presentation, and a rental room technician to sign off on equipment. Upon completion of all 3 phases, a Snowsports Merit Badge counselor or a designated representative will sign off on the completion of merit badge.

Q: How long will it take to get a Snowsports Merit Badge?
A: For intermediate level skiers and riders, all of the requirements for the snow sports merit badge can be completed in 3 sessions or less. For beginners and “never-evers”, the amount of time depends on the ability level of the scout. It is recommended to take multiple lessons over the course of a few days.

Q: Do I need to make a reservation to get the Scout Rate?
A: Reservations are required for individual and group scouts to receive the scout rate. 

Q: Do I need to make a reservation for the Snowsports Merit Badge program?
A: Yes! Please let WinterClub know at least 3 days in advance of your arrival. Please call our Group Sales office at 1-407-618-1123 to make reservations.


Please visit Scouts Winter Sports Merit Badge for more information.

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