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  • Is it like skiing/snowboarding on snow?
    Yes ! If you can ski/snowboard well at the Indoor Slopes, you will be even better on snow ! The surface is made of soft nylon tufts, so riding on our slopes does at first "feels" a little different than snow, but the technique is exactly the same. Small classes: it's like a private lesson! The instructor is setting angle and slope speed to match your level.
  • I have never skied or snowboard before - is this a good teaching aid?
    Yes! You learn up to 8-10 times faster than on real mountains. This is because of our endless slope technology - no lift lines, stops, or interruptions provide a flawless canvas for quick and easy learning.
  • Are these Indoor Slopes good for children?
    Yes! They are not struggeling in the cold Time spent at the Indoor Slopes gives your children the confidence they need. Children enjoy ski/snowboard from the moment you arrive at the real snow. Avoiding the need for their expensive lessons at resorts, you can spend much more time skiing/snowboarding with you children.
  • Can I ski and my friend snowboard on the same slope?
    No, The ski slope settings and the instructions are different from the snowboard. For a group session all participants are required to do the same sport.
  • Are these Indoor Slopes suitable for snowboarders?
    Yes ! The slopes are dedicated for both snowboarders and skiers of all levels.
  • How big are the classes on the Indoor Slopes?
    Maximum participants per class are 3 persons. Which results in a fast learning curve.
  • Do I need to bring my own equipment?
    No need! WinterClub provides everything you need: boots, skis, snowboards, poles, and helmets. We advise you to wear a long sleeve lightweight shirt, loose fitting trousers and long socks.
  • How about teaching racing skills?
    Training for EVERY LEVEL! The Indoor Slopes are highly suitable to teach all skills from beginners through to experts and pro's, including racing skills. Also very suitable for those that want to become a ski or snowboard instructor.
  • Do I need to wear ski/snowboard clothing?
    No, just wear long sleeve top and long sports pants. No jeans please!

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