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WinterClub Indoor Ski and Snowboard Florida Orlando Winter Park Learn how to ski snowboard


Is it like skiing/snowboarding on snow?


  • If you can ski/snowboard well at the Indoor Slopes, you will be even better on snow !

  • The surface is made of soft nylon tufts, so riding on our slopes does at first "feels" a little different than snow, but the technique is exactly the same.

  • Small classes: it's like a private lesson!

  • The instructor is setting angle and slope speed to match your level.

I have never skied or snowboard before - is this a good teaching aid?


  • You learn up to 8-10 times faster than on real mountains.

  • This is because of our endless slope technology - no lift lines, stops, or interruptions provide a flawless canvas for quick and easy learning.

Are these Indoor Slopes good for children?


  • They are not struggeling in the cold

  • Time spent at the Indoor Slopes gives your children the confidence they need.

  • Children enjoy ski/snowboard from the moment you arrive at the real snow.

  • Avoiding the need for their expensive lessons at resorts, you can spend much more time skiing/snowboarding with you children.

Are these Indoor Slopes suitable for snowboarders?

Yes !

  • The slopes are dedicated for both snowboarders and skiers of all levels.

How big are the classes on the Indoor Slopes?

Classes normally have only 3 persons.

  • So you have almost private lessons

  • Which results in a fast learning curve

Will it hurt when I fall down?

NO !

  • The instructor is in permanent control of stopping the slope and using a hand-held remote control.

  • The instructor normally stops the slope before you may fall.

  • The slope is made of soft nylon tufts that hurt a lot less than falling on ice (and it's not cold !).

Do I need to bring my own equipment?


  • The centre provides everything you need: boots, skis, snowboards, poles, and helmets.

  • We advise you to wear a long sleeve lightweight shirt, loose fitting trousers and long socks.

How about teaching racing skills?

Training for EVERY LEVEL !

  • The Indoor Slopes are highly suitable to teach all skills from beginners through to experts and pro's, including racing skills.

  • Also very suitable for those that want to become a ski or snowboard instructor.

Do I need to wear ski/snowboard clothing?

No, just wear long sleeve top and long sports pants. No jeans please!

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