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Ski and Snowboard Daily

(Summer 2024)

Indoor Ski & Snowboard Summer Camp
Indoor Ski & Snowboard Summer Camp

Ski Daily

   $149/Session   9:00am-12:00pm   


   $149/Session   1:00pm - 4:00pm     

   $295/Session   9:00am - 4:00pm     

   All Sessions Include:


  • Ski boots, Snowboard boots, Helmets

  • Ski or snowboard time on the slopes

  • Ski/Plyometric workout on non-interactive ski simulators

  • Sledding  

  • Group warmup, Exercises

  • SkiTrim Mind and physical Exercises

  • Outdoor field activities supervised 


   Ages: 5+        (Snowboarding Ages: 8+)

 Siblings Discount: 10% 

Indoor Ski & Snowboard Summer Camp

WinterClub ski and snowboard summer session is a unique program giving today’s youth the opportunity to learn and experience the thrill of winter sports, snowboarding and skiing in a supportive, friend-filled atmosphere. 
Our five-day comprehensive program encourages participants not only to learn skiing and have fun, but also to develop lasting friendships with their chaperones, instructors and classmates. Small groups led by professional instructors teach mountain safety and ski & snowboard techniques to all levels from beginners to experts.


Activities Overview

Youth will participate in five activity days on pre-determined dates throughout the week. Each session will be populated with youth, allowing participants to make new friends and ski or snowboard with peers at their same level. Youth will benefit significantly based upon the WinterClub program’s personalized instruction and coaching that is tailored to their specific needs. Opportunities are also presented for recreational and team building activities.



  • in-depth instructions of ski and snowboard technique

  • Curving technique

  • Ski/Plyometric muscle memory tune up on skitrim simulators

  • Group warmup exercises

  • SkiTrim Mind and physical Exercises

  • Mountain safety lessons

  • Off slope workshops and activities throughout the day 

Daily Ski and Snowboard 

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